Artificial Intelligenсe


Artificial intelligenсe

Artificial intelligence is capable of doing tasks with great accuracy and precision. Automating inherently repetitive, time-consuming, and negatively affecting process efficiency tasks involving vast volumes of communication can increase corporate value and revenue for organizations. If you have the proper infrastructure and expertise, you can scale up and out until AI is woven into the fabric and culture of your company. Proven Solution’s AI-powered bilingual (English and Arabic) Chatbot, energy-saving, and bilingual (English and Arabic) data extraction platforms can help add value, save money and resource, solve problems, and enhance capabilities. Accelerate your step to becoming an AI-driven enterprise by integrating solutions from our habot, Aemaco, and Sanad platforms into your business strategy and build a future where technology and human can work together in perfect symmetry.

A no-code platform allows our clients to build and publish their own chatbots in bilingual settings based on their client’s requirements. Habot is the best Arabic platform armed with not just the language but also its varied dialects.


Aemaco offers state-of-the-art AC control and monitoring hardware and software solutions that present your hotel, staff accommodation, school, or worker accommodation with a 20-30% reduction of overhead cost.


Automate your data extraction in English or Arabic with our simple and fully automated OCR designed to make office processes easier. Sanad transfers your structured or unstructured typed, written, or printed documents into machine-readable texts at the click of a button.