Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality

Emerging technologies and their impact on business and social behaviors (Part 1)

The integration of technologies into our daily lives has had a transformative effect on both business and society and helped pave the way for a future rich with accessibility, optimization, and efficiency for all. Emerging technology has had the most profound impact in these two areas. But disruption cannot exist in isolation, and we need to ensure that it operates in tandem with innovation to bring out the best in ourselves and create new avenues for growth and productivity.

The adaptability of these new solutions has allowed businesses to thrive in their ability to cut costs, store and analyze data, and provide highly tailored communications both internally and externally. The pillars of emerging technologies as we see them now, namely, robotics, virtual reality, augmented reality, chatbot solutions, IoT services, and data, can all be harnessed to take menial, time-consuming tasks off our hands. This allows us to focus our efforts on high-quality work and connect organizations and people across land and sea. At Proven Solution, our vision for emerging technologies blends these pillars to improve the quality of our lives and the quality of our enterprises. We take immense pride in being able to deliver these groundbreaking solutions across every sector imaginable but with human beings always top of mind.


The evolution of robotics has made it an imperative business tool for organizations of almost any size, and the sheer scope of its application means you can explore myriad ways in which to make it an invaluable team member. RaaS or “Robots as a Service” solutions have changed the automation game as a scalable, cost-effective, and flexible answer to ever-changing and increasingly volatile markets. Often serving as an initial point of entry into the field, robotics as a service in combination with intuitive A.I. provide exceptional ROI while being easy to implement and maintain. With a low initial outlay and a high ceiling on the number of resources saved, it’s perfect for smaller and more established entities alike.

The rise of customer service robotic process automation has made businesses more profitable, more reputable, and better equipped to offer personalized assistance. By setting lofty standards and retaining valuable customers through considered automation, brands can focus on consistently providing high-quality products and services. In its more corporeal form, robotics has captured our imaginations for decades. While they undoubtedly produce a sense of wonder wherever they are of service, their contributions go far beyond simple aesthetics.

With everything from robot delivery service ensuring items arrive on time to food service robots adding additional help in restaurants, we’re finally beginning to tap into the magic of possibility and create memorable brand experiences that build long-lasting loyalty. But they aren’t limited to being a unique brand asset. These robots can now offer their expertise in the healthcare industry by assisting surgeries, fetching and carrying items, patient care, clinical training, and so much more. These increasingly normalized interactions with our robotic helpers were once the stuff of science fiction. At Proven Solution, our stable of service robots is changing societal perspectives for the better and showing the wider public how beneficial they can be.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

VR/AR technologies aren’t new ideas, but we are finding new ways to deploy them that have revolutionized their application in business and in society. In fact, augmented reality apps for business are at their highest adoption rates since their initial market incursion. They have proven their value time and time again, specifically in the retail sector. Augmented reality in retail and its impact on sales is no longer a trade secret but rather an open invitation for companies to take their offerings into the future by providing better engagement, immersive customer experiences, and product education.

But the experiential nature of AR and VR isn’t limited to any one industry, with manufacturing, healthcare, construction, and education all seeing the benefits of creating worlds within worlds. One of the most pivotal explorations of this emerging technology is augmented reality job training, and it’s changing the way organizations can train and educate their members. This, in turn, has had a dramatic effect on their ability to deliver services steeped in deeper practical knowledge.

When we consider the virtual reality impact on business, the opportunities are limitless because it operates from both sides of the spectrum. For consumers, virtual reality applications represent a means to explore potential purchases in real-world scenarios and allow them to form tangible brand relationships based on these experiences. For businesses, they’re an incredible tool for designing new products, providing breathtaking demos and marketing materials, and real-time collaboration.

Nowhere is the influence of these emerging technologies seen more clearly than in virtual reality applications in healthcare. Patient examination and care, medical skills training, medical equipment training, and nursing assessment training are just some examples of our Proven Reality division pioneering new applications in the sector. For example, virtual reality therapy is changing the nature of pain management and offering people relief from a variety of traumatic conditions by immersing them in environments free of anxiety and fear.

Partner with a pioneer in emerging technologies

According to industry experts, we have reached an arc in our story that has the potential to be the most disruptive in tech history since the dawn of the internet and choosing an agency that understands the present and future landscape is crucial to success. Adapting to new technologies comes very naturally to human beings once we open our minds, and this is reflected in the significant shifts of recent years.

At Proven Solution, we put years of industry experience into developing technologies that change our world for the better, including how we do business. Get in touch with us to see how we can take your organization into an exciting and prosperous future.