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Emerging technologies and their impact on business and social behaviors (Part 2)

With emerging technologies now more accessible than ever before, their influence is being keenly felt in both business and society. As this influence grows, it’s incumbent upon us to ensure that we use disruption as the means to a more beneficial end for humanity and to steer the development of these cutting-edge technologies towards a better future. Retail, education, healthcare, and construction are among the industries that have seen the incredible possibilities that come with the integration of these disruptive and innovative solutions.

But as these technologies evolve, so too does society, and there will be philosophical questions about what that means for us, but we should ask them against the backdrop of what can be achieved. Will we tire of perfection? Will we allow ourselves to become too reliant? Will we sign over too many of our own deeds? These questions are important, but in the best possible outcome, we have balance, control, and efficiency enough to build a better world.


The advantages of chatbots in customer service are obvious to any business that values its customers enough to provide personalized, instantaneous support that avails itself 24/7 across every relevant platform. Besides being a fantastic tool for lead generation, cutting costs, analytics, brand loyalty, and streamlining buying journeys, customer service chatbot solutions have added a human quality to conversations, further strengthening our familiarity with automation. Chatbot use cases are diversifying rapidly and will eventually become synonymous with almost all communications in certain instances. That’s why we need to be clear about how we intend to integrate other technologies into the future of chatbots and their relationship to A.I.

Multilingual support is a feature of chatbots that holds massive intrinsic value to any person or organization that operates internationally, allowing them to explore previously unexplored markets and scale globally. Our Habot chatbot is powered by a best-in-class NLP engine with Arabic at its core and can translate several dialects as part of a comprehensive service that requires zero coding ability to implement. For connecting Arabic speakers across boundaries, both physical and linguistic, Habot is the essential partner.

IoT & Data

The application of the Internet of Things in retail industry ventures has brought customers, brands, and products closer together than ever before. By utilizing various sensors, devices, products, and even some environments, IoT solutions have allowed retailers to share and gather data that inform decisions made at every level of consideration. Internet of Things software development has continued to make significant leaps in bridging the distrust over online purchases and has added to the growing momentum of digitization in retail. IoT is often associated with efficiency and productivity, and its synergized processes make it highly versatile in automating and optimizing industries as varied as home security and medical observation.

But the growth of IoT-powered solutions hasn’t only occurred commercially, and the areas in which it excels make it a perfect helping hand in daily life. Smart homes will be a 53.5 billion dollar industry by the end of the year, and IoT’s remote monitoring capabilities are crucial for constant surveillance. The reduction of waste, cost, and time-consuming tasks all lend themselves to smarter living, and IoT has also had fantastic success in the automotive industry. Using IoT to create digital infrastructures accessible to anyone, anywhere, at any time is a microcosm of its potential scalability, and the only ceiling on its application is our imagination. With world-class IoT consulting services from Proven Solution, we can unlock processes that streamline your business or organization and improve every aspect of your operations.

Take advantage of emerging technologies with an industry pioneer

We know the value of these emerging technologies in isolation, but to unearth their true potential, we need to find ways to blend them in order to implement them to the fullest degree. This is no easy task and requires decades of industry experience and a genuine desire to better our society and business processes.

Fortunately, Proven Solution has dedicated significant time and resources to optimizing these technologies for businesses and organizations, and we’ve firmly established ourselves as a pioneer in the field via our various divisions. Partnering with an agency like ours allows you to realize your vision of the future with world-class systems designed to incorporate the most innovative aspects of emerging technologies into a synergized long-term plan that will put you ahead of the chasing pack. Get in touch with us to take your organization to the next level.