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5 Reasons Why Sanad Is Better Than Your OCR

It’s not that OCRs aren’t useful, but they’re useful in the same way that a flip phone is useful in 2023. Some technologies are meant to be improved upon, and that’s why instead of cutting down rainforests, we now use emails. Now the difference may not be as stark as that, but there are some significant differences between your regular optical character recognition software and our Sanad intelligent document processor. Businesses that deploy an IDP are cutting their process times and saving as much as 30% on labor costs, and its potential for massive ROI is unmatched by its OCR counterpart. Isn’t it time you gave your workforce best-in-class solutions?

What is Sanad?

Sanad is a powerful intelligent document-processing platform that uses machine learning algorithms to process and extract data from documents. The platform is designed to automate the entire document processing workflow, from data extraction to document classification and validation. Sanad is more than just an image OCR, but it’s also more than just intelligent document processing too, and its ability to translate several Arabic dialects can create a foothold in new markets or consolidate an already established presence. 

Even if you’re not currently using Arabic optical character recognition, Sanad would be an invaluable ally to anyone operating across international borders. Whatever your reasons for choosing your existing OCR, here are a few reasons why your business would benefit from an upgrade.

So What’s the Difference Between Sanad and an OCR?

We first need to establish the difference between an IDP (intelligent document processor) and an OCR (optical character recognition) to answer the question. OCR and IDP are often mistaken as the same thing. But the fundamental difference between the two is relatively easy to see.

Whether you’re doing OCR from image or OCR from PDF, the premise is the same in that it scans characters before converting them into a digital, machine-readable document. Intelligent document processors like Sanad use image processing rather than character recognition, which means they can deal with far more complex and unstructured data. Sanad has more scope and broader application and is a far more sophisticated technology in all aspects than any Arabic OCR.

1. Improved accuracy

One of the most significant advantages of Sanad over OCR automation is its improved accuracy. While OCR technology is good at recognizing characters, it is prone to errors when it comes to identifying specific pieces of information within a document.

But Sanad uses advanced machine learning algorithms to identify and extract data from documents with a high degree of accuracy. This not only means reducing errors but also reducing the time it takes to fix them. This incredibly efficient precision sets IDPs and OCRs apart, and Sanad’s cutting-edge AI ensures human error is no longer an issue.

2. Better document classification

OCR software can’t classify documents based on their content, and businesses must instead manually sort through documents to determine the nature of the document they are dealing with. This is because it can only recognize the characters and not the context.

Sanad automatically classifies documents based on their content, helps streamline the document processing workflow, and significantly reduces the time it takes to complete them. Even the best OCR online can’t match Sanad’s ability to distinguish a contract as a legal document or an invoice as a financial one, and so on.

3. Superior extraction of key data

With Sanad, you can extract critical data from documents with superior accuracy without being bound by any templates. This includes comprehensive information such as names, addresses, currencies, and other vital data points thanks to Sanad’s enterprise-ready ‘Invoice Mode’.

OCR technology is also relatively error-prone when it comes to extracting specific data from documents and lacks the ability to understand the big picture. If you’re not in the business of digitizing manuscripts, older print media, or anything handwritten, then you need a more modern solution than your average OCR automation tools.

4. Data validation

Validating data extracted from documents and ensuring that it is accurate and up-to-date is a crucial and necessary process within any organization, and this is an area Sanad truly thrives. It can learn from previous tasks to further improve its performance over time.

OCR technology, on the other hand, cannot validate data, which means that businesses must manually check the data extracted from documents for accuracy. It also doesn’t validate against specific rules and criteria you may want to set or flag for potential errors that have escaped the human eye.

5. Scalability

Are you outgrowing your current OCR? Sanad is highly scalable, meaning that it can process large volumes of documents quickly and efficiently. OCRs, in contrast, can struggle to keep up with higher volumes, resulting in delays in your document processing workflow. Regardless of the size of your business, Sanad will grow with you and, powered by our industry-leading AI, will learn and adapt to shifting expectations.

Sanad intelligent document processing is a better option than OCR for businesses that need to process large volumes of documents quickly and accurately to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Every business will have different potential ROI depending on their needs and costs, but the net gain will always make it an excellent investment. It’s up to you to decide which solution gives you more for less and which is best suited to your organization.

Switch your focus to the future of data extraction

Data extraction is at the core of every modern organization, and ensuring you’re as accurate as you are efficient is critical to maintaining high-quality processes. It’s already imperative to be at least one of them, but with Sanad, you’re adding a member to your team instead of dragging members away from complex tasks that require a human touch.

Even if you think you’re using the best Arabic OCR online, there is an entire world of insights and application that you’re missing out on.  By leveraging the power of machine learning algorithms and PROVEN Solution’s superior AI technologies, Sanad can help you streamline your document processing workflows and save time and money. Talk to us about how we can save your organization precious resources with Sanad, or try it for free on